On 14th february 2021 in litter B was born 6 puppies tricolor (4 males and 2 females)

Information about father of puppies:

father: Fanta´s Brand Blast from the Past

mother: Harpalyké of Volcano Cotopax

date of birth: 14.07.2018 (CZ)



MLS, IGS, NCCD - N/N negative,

Lafora N3/N3 negative



Champion CZ, SK

Junior Champion CZ, SK

Club juniorwinner CZ 2019


International working certificate (BZH I. place)

Information about mother of puppies can be found here


Bailey Little Carpathians - born 16:53, 242g - blue collar

Blackberry Little Carpathians - born 18:45, 270g - yellow collar

Beany Cashew Little Carpathians - born 19:10, 266g - black collar

Bounty Little Carpathians - born 21:10, 244g - green collar

Biscuit Little Carpathians - born 21:40, 248g - purple collar

Brownie Little Carpathians - born 23:25, 266g - red collar

Puppies 1st week

Puppies 3rd week

Puppies 4th week

Puppies 7th week

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